Fees of Peace of Mind Home Inspections

   Peace of Mind Home Inspections offers professional, in-depth home inspections.  I take whatever time is necessary to assure that all aspects of a home are inspected thoroughly.  My Reports are comprehensive and detailed enough to fully describe all conditions of the home, but also done in such a way that makes them easily understandable.

  There may be companies that offer less expensive home inspections, but hiring the least expensive inspector is not always the wisest choice.  It may end up costing you more in the long run.  Your home purchase is likely the single largest investment that you will ever make, and a home inspection costs just a small fraction of the total purchase price.  It's a wise investment to hire someone that will give you the best service possible, so that you will have the Peace of Mind that comes from knowing the true condition of your home (see "My Qualifications").  I guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with my inspection service and report, or I will refund your inspection fee.  That's my promise to you.  

  The fee for a standard home inspection is primarily based on the size and age of the home, but may also take into consideration other factors, such as location, additional components, special conditions, etc.  The fees listed below are to be used as general guidelines for complete, standard home inspections.  The actual fee for a specific inspection, however, must be quoted by Peace of Mind Home Inspections.

                                                     Square Footage                Fee  

Apartment or Condo                             0 -  1000                             $240
Single Family Home                              0 -  1200                             $380
                                                      1201 - 1600                             $400
                                                      1601 - 2000                             $420
                                                      2001 - 2500                             $450
                                                      2501 - 3000                             $475
                                                      3001 - 3500                             $500
                                                      3501 - 4000                             $525
                                                      4001 - 4500                             $550
                                                      4501 - 5000                             $580


Townhouse         $30    (except end units)
Prior Customer    $30
On Slab              $30

Possible Additional Fees

Difficult to access crawl spaces          $30
Additional detached buildings, such as large garages   $40 - $60  
Additional kitchen or in-law suite             $30
Additional Heating/AC units, and/or Electrical Service Panels - $20 each

 Other Specialty Inspections/Tests in conjunction with Standard Inspection

Radon Test (short term, continuous monitor)                    $130         ($190 w/o inspection)

Swimming pool or spa   (Does not include diving or leak testing)                 $50

 For a specific price quote and/or to schedule a home inspection, please call Mark at Peace of Mind Home Inspections at 301-514-8243.

 Payment of Services 

Payment for Services is due at the time of inspection and before the Report is released.  Checks, cash or credit cards are accepted as payment.