Congratulations on your decision to purchase a home!  After all of the time and energy spent searching, you have finally found the perfect home to fit your wants and needs.  The seller has accepted your proposal and your excitement is probably growing just thinking about moving into your new home!  
Yes, buying a new home is exciting, but remember, it is one of the most important purchases and investments that you make during a lifetime.  Up till now, it is likely that you have not spent much time in or at the home.  It's likely, in selecting your home, that you were focused on the overall condition and layout of the home, as well as its location, and that your choice was greatly influenced by an initial emotional response to the home.  You probably have not had the time to look at the home in depth or objectively.  Do you actually know the true condition of the home on which you've just made an offer to purchase?   
It is important to take the time now to objectively evaluate the true condition of the home before you take possession.  It is important that you have a professional and qualified home inspector, like myself, conduct a thorough, in-depth inspection of the home from top to bottom.  By doing that, you will not be surprised by unknown issues or problems with the home or face unexpected expenses after moving in.  You can base your final purchase decision on having a complete and thorough understanding of the condition of the home.    

As your professional home inspector, I am working for you to protect your best interests.  Aside from providing an unbiased, objective analysis of the home for you to use in your purchase decision, I also try to make the whole inspection process as educational and as "user friendly" as possible.    
I strongly recommend that you attend your inspection.  Although my written, "official" reports are complete, concise and easy to understand (see Sample Report) there is much to be gained by spending additional time at the home along with me as I do the inspection.  For one, you can spend several hours (most typical home inspections for average size homes last 2 - 3 hours) looking over the home more thoroughly with your own eyes and probably see things that you didn't notice during your brief first or even second walk through.   You can also take that time to ask me questions about anything at all regarding the home.  

During the course of the inspection, I will thoroughly inspect all components of the home from the foundation to the roof, inside and out, and will completely evaluate all systems of the home (see What I Inspect for more details).   Aside from discussing, in depth, any defects or major issues with you that may be discovered, I will discuss routine maintenance items with you, as well.  I attempt to make the whole process as educational for you as possible, not only to help with your present purchase decision but also to help preserve your investment for the long term.  

At the conclusion of the inspection, I will summarize my findings for you and give you a chance to ask final questions while we're still at the home.  I then write and produce my web based report, along with pictures, and will e-mail a link to you when it's complete.  After you receive and read the report, I am again available to answer any further questions and clarify anything in my report.     

At this point, I recommend that you sit down with your professional Realtor to discuss the report and decide what, if anything, to do with the information that you've been presented with.  There are numerous options, such as deciding to accept the house as is without further negotiation with the seller, or re-negotiating the price, or asking the seller to fix some discovered defects, or having money put in escrow in order to fix things later on, or even deciding not to purchase the house after all, to name some.  Your realtor will help with this whole process.  If you have decided to have items repaired by the seller prior to settlement, I am also available for follow-up inspections to assure that the items have been repaired completely and properly.  

Yes, the whole process of buying a home can be overwhelming and stressful at times.  There's a lot to do and think about.  Try to relax, though, you're in good capable hands and I will do everything possible to help reduce the stress factor for you.  I can assure you, that when my inspection is complete and you've reviewed the report, you will at least have the "peace of mind" that comes with knowing the true condition of your home.    

Relax and look forward to enjoying your new home!

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